Friday, March 1, 2013


Hey guys....people who don't read this. Just an update on my life :) 

Through pictures! 

 Lily is getting so big!!!!!!!!! Whip creme on her face.
Kelsey is in cosmetology school. So proud!!!
Yes!!!!! I went to Hogwarts!!!!!
 Presents!! I'm opening a popcorn maker!
 Dad and little one.
Me and my hetero life mate.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Story I'm working on

The hooded figure stood in the doorway, open to a bedroom lit only by the moon from the window and a small nightlight in the corner. The light cascaded over a large bed, its headboard decorated in the décor of princess things. In the bed lay a small girl, perhaps only six, tucked under blankets pulled all the way to her chin. Her long hair lay sprawled on her pillow like long gold chains. She was sound asleep. Her only movement was the slight quiver of her eyelids and the shaking of her lips as she exhaled a breath.

                The person in the doorway stepped into the room, stopping for a moment, then went to the bedside. They cocked their unseen head at the drawings on the headboard, at the collected emblems of the sleeping girl’s princess fantasies. There was a crown, painted crudely in gold marker and splattered with blots of glitter.

                The hooded figure reached out a hand. Their white fingers gently brushed against the cardboard.

“Mamma,” The girl muttered.

The hooded person withdrew their arm and stepped back from the bed. The girl was still asleep, but wrapped in what might be a nightmare.

                “Mamma, is that you?” The girl asked.

                “No.” whispered the hooded figure. They stepped back up to the bed and sat down on the side. The person drew back the hood, revealing a skinny man, perhaps in his thirties. His stubble hair made his ears appear to stick out and his nose overly long, made his eyes look beady. His teeth, leering in the moonlight, were yellow and crooked, some were even black. He had a scrawny neck, that accentuated his Adam’s apple and his chin was patched with a bit of bloody toilet paper. “I’m the sandman.” He whispered. “I’ve come to make you sleep forever.”

                His beady eyes rolled in the back of his head, his sockets white. He touched a finger to her head. The girl gasped, lunged forward and fell back on her pillow. She moved no more.



                The bar was unusually busy for a Wednesday night. The large open area that fit both the hotel restaurant and bar was crowded with people. Going on one o clock, most of the patrons were very drunk. The man Sybil O’Neil was serving at her station at the bar was no exception.

                “How about you give me a little show sweetheart?” He gurgled at her as she brought him a glass of water.

                “Drink that.” She told him.

                He pushed it away, almost spilling the contents on the floor.

                “Pull down that shirt a little honey.”

                Sybil was used to this. Being a bartender, this was part of the job description. “You couldn’t handle it.” She said with a quick smile and excused herself into the kitchens. Another bar tender was just going out and Sybil gave her a quick description of the guy. When she said she’d handle it, Sybil went to look for her manager.

                Thomas of course was near the back of the kitchens, flirting with a waitress. Sybil tried to keep her face from showing the disgust she felt as she went to him. Thomas was fifty at least, greasy and a disgusting pig when it came to women.

                “I’m out of here.” Sybil said.

                Thomas smiled at her, not a nice smile either. “So soon…you know Sybil most girls would stay to get more tips.” He looked her up and down. Sybil had a feeling he had been drinking tonight. “You could get a lot of tips.”

                The waitress shot Sybil a wounded look and went back to work.

                “I have a daughter.” Sybil said simply. “Goodnight.”

                She turned away before he could say anything else.

                Sybil hated her job, but it paid the bills and enabled her to stay home during the day with Olivia. As she got in her car she smiled. Just the thought of her daughter made her feel happy; Olivia, four years old now, and growing every day. It has been a hard run; getting pregnant at twenty by a guy who didn’t want anything to do with being a father, having to work odd jobs to make ends meet, and eventually moving back in with her Sybil’s mother. But with Olivia by her side, Sybil wouldn’t change a thing.

                Sybil’s mother Anne lives in a town house alone and welcomed the company of her daughter and grandchild. New York’s economy isn’t kind to a single mom on a bartender’s salary and Anne much prefers, at least until Olivia is in school, for Sybil to spend her days with her child.

                Sybil got home, kicked her shoes off at the doorway. It was dark of course. She assumed her mother and Olivia went to bed hours ago. She clicked on the hallway light and went upstairs, ready to fall in bed. But first…

                She opened Olivia’s bedroom door at the top of the stairs. The pink night light cast a glow over her baby’s face. She was always a wild sleeper. Olivia lay sprawled in her bed, limbs in every direction, and the blankets on the floor. Sybil stifled a laugh and went to her, pulling the sheets up and tucking them around the girl.

                Olivia looked a lot like her father, and Sybil wasn’t sure what to make of that. All she knew was that, even after the abandonment, she couldn’t hate him. Not after giving her Olivia. Sybil brushed back her daughters long brown hair gave her a kiss on the head and stood up to go to her own room. She didn’t even remember climbing into bed before she was fast asleep.

                The next thing Sybil knew there were tiny arms reaching around her and soft kisses being planted all over her face.

                Olivia smiled as Sybil opened her eyes. “Good morning mama.”

                Anne works as a part time nurse and today was a work day. Olivia pulled Sybil down to the kitchen as Anne was walking out the door.

                “I’ll be home around two o clock.” She said giving both her daughter and granddaughter a quick peck on the cheek before walking out the door.

                “Okay munchkin, what do you want to do today?”  Sybil asked as she placed Olivia in a chair at the kitchen table. She pulled some eggs out from the fridge and put a frying pan on the stove top. Olivia, who already had a mess of crayons and a coloring book on the table didn’t seem to hear and was bust coloring in a picture of Hello Kitty.

                While the eggs fried, Sybil poured herself a cup of coffee. She was going to need it.

                “Olivia,” She asked again, sipping her coffee. She didn’t bother with sugar or crème this morning, extra strong to be able to keep up with this four year old. “What do you want to do today?”

                Olivia looked up. “Um….” She gave her mother her irresistible smile. “The park?”

                Sybil nodded, expecting this. She didn’t like going to the park in all honesty. It was full of nasty moms, all the ones who play tennis in their spare time and go to Starbucks. Spending their husband’s money. They have no fellow feeling for a young single mom who made, in their judgmental opinion, bad choices. Sybil flipped the eggs, frowning at the pan. That’s why she didn’t have much of a social life. So called friends from High School, stopped calling. Those who didn’t, kept around out of pity, and Sybil wrote them off. She didn’t want pity. She was fine on her own… sometimes.

                “Okay, let’s go to the park.” Sybil said, scooping the eggs onto two plates and giving one to Olivia. “Don’t make a mess.” She said, giving her daughter a fork. Sybil smiled as she said it though. Her daughter had to be the messiest four year old in Long Island. “I’m going to go get ready.”

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown victims. We will not forget.

Horrible events to beautiful people. Newtown Connecticut.
Dawn Hocksprung 6/28/65
Lauren Rousseau 6/82
Mary Sherlach 2/11/56
Victoria Soto 11/04/85
Ana Marquez-Greene 4/4/06
Emilie Parker 5/12/06
Not Pictured:::
Charlotte Bacon 2/22/06
Daniel Barden 9/25/05
Rachel Davino 7/17/83
Olivia Engel 7/18/06
Josephine Gay 12/11/05
Dylan Hockley 3/8/06  
Madeleine Hsu 7/10/06
Catherine Hubbard 6/8/06
Chase Kowalski 10/31/05
Jesse Lewis 6/30/06
James Mattioli 3/22/06
Grace McDonnell 11/04/05
Anne Marie Murphy 7/25/60
Jack Pinto 5/6/06
Noah Pozner 11/20/06
Caroline Previdi 9/7/06
Jessica Rekos 5/10/06
Avielle Richman 10/17/06
Benjamin Wheeler 9/12/06
Allison Wyatt 7/3/06

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's been a rough ride...

But we are hanging in there! Julie had a stroke!!! It seems like the more healthy she gets (She now has quit smoking, exercises regularly and eats very well), the more her body shuts down! Well, her dad did have his first one in his twenties. Now that she’s approaching 40 *cough oh I mean 25* she’s waited long enough. It was minor thank goodness. A precursor to a full on one.


My car got broken into!!! Silly me for leaving the door unlocked….I’m still wearing the dunce cap of shame. Completely tore up my steering column so now my little girl is gone and I’m off taking public transit. It’s actually a relief. My car was going to die any day. Now I don’t have to pay auto insurance and it takes me 60 cents to get to work.


I’m back at Starbucks/Target and it’s been a blast. I love being back at work! So weird to be able to say that. Last week or so was Black Friday. I was serving up coffee from 8pm to 2 am. It was tons of fun. This guy wanted a TV so bad, he camped outside Target for two days straight! Crazy!


Lily Lu is getting so big. 6 months and growing. She’s such a little sweet heart. She can say mama and dada. This is her. I strapped her into the cart real tight to show how big she is. Though she can’t keep her balance yet so no pushing in the cart for her!


Me Jessica and Aloria having fun! What can we say?
Whose glad the elections over? Can you guess whats wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On a Side Note

I'm back at home which feels so good!!!
Me and Pippin <3

My Dad and new baby lovely Lily my neice
                                             We are eating vegetarian. Probabaly for the better :)

                    As a lot of you know I had a job at a Preschool before I got really sick and had to quit! But I managed to have fun with my job, as you can see. (For those of you who dont know that is the Tardis from Doctor who)

Young Ones Out in Service!

This is my baby Ava!!!!!! Well...not really. I just steal her from her mom Katie. :) We are out in service!! YAY!!!
This is a not so lady like moment from Ava lol!
Also, though this is a little late in coming the District Convention was amazing!!! Here is a picture of me and Emily there.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RBC (My first ones)

So this happened a little bit ago. I just got the pictures uploaded. One was in Kissimee. (Probably didnt spell that right. In a rush!!) And one was a renovation of the Kingdom Hall in Titusville. I laid carpet for the first time. It was awesome :) 

 Me and Lauren McPhee. Carpet crew comes in last. We were there till like one in the morning!
Nicole McPhee all gluey. It took FOREVER to get the glue off!  

 Titusville! We had to wear hardhats for this one!

Mitzi!!!!!! and noah in the back looking creepy.